Intro to We Three!

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TLDR: Queer Slice of Life Comic, click the picture to the RIGHT to get to the first page!

This is a pet project that is close to my heart. I’ve always believed that if the representation I want doesn’t exist yet, I have to roll up my sleeves and do it myself. This is the story of three people–two witches and a WereFox, that fall in love at Sweet Rock University, one of the most acclaimed Magicking Universities in the country.

I wanted a story that would represent many different flavors of the queer community, not just what is starting to appear in the media. I wanted non-monogamy, asexuality, mental health, and magic. I wanted boys that can turn into foxes, complicated familial relationships, and the steadfast power of friendship.

That being said, there will be mature themes that might be triggers for some. I’m only in the baby stages but I plan on there being wlw, mlm, queer people being Exactly Themselves, exploration of sexuality and gender, swearing, light nudity, references to past abuse and self harm, marijuana and alcohol imagery, et cetera.