Poetry Project: Low Pressure Creativity

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I’ve been knees-deep in my poetry recently. It began when I finished the first draft of my novel, and was trying to find a way to keep myself from editing it for a while, allowing myself to cool off before I dive back in again.

I ended up reorganizing all of the files on my computer, which spiraled into the hyperfocused need to find every poem I’ve written in the past six years, digitize them, and print them out to carry around with me everywhere like some kind of vagabond, which then inspired me to write and write and write more poetry.

My mom and my sister are also poets, typing up modest refrains for just for ourselves, sending them back and forth in our group chat when we find them hidden amongst our old things. We’ve all talked about wanting to write more, and we tried a couple things, but often they got to be too much, or too uninspiring, and they’d inevitably fizzle out.

I found a link on Writer’s Digest that has 168 different poetic forms and a description of them, and we decided that, once a week, one of us would pick a form and we’d all try our best to make a poem following those rules. It worked, because trying something new meant we weren’t worried about them being good, we just do it to have fun, and we could pick our own themes, rather than if we’d been forced to write based on a prompt.

I thought you might like to follow along with us.