And I do it for fun as well as profit! In this section, I’ll be posting personal projects, art pieces I’ve enjoyed making, and comics!

We Three Comic is a Slice of Life story that begins at Sweet Rock University, with two best friends who meet a girl that changes their lives, and evolves into the three of them sharing a bed and a cat. As a Queer Non-Monogamous Asexual Person, it’s a project that is dear to my heart and takes up most of my downtime right now. I’ll be posting updates regularly, so come back for more soon 😉

I will also be posting other Comic Pages, as well as character designs for my novel, The Witches of Sweet Rock, which takes place at the same college as We Three.

There’s probably going to be more where that came from, but for now, enjoy these links, and let me know what you think! I post a lot of art and sketches on my Instagram as well, @Alwaysthewriter, if you want to follow along for updates!