I draw things for a living! I’ve done all sorts of different pieces for all sorts of different people, and nothing makes me happier than creating something that you’ll love. For some basic rates, please check out my Etsy, but if you want a better idea of the different pieces I do for real-life people, check out this page!

With each digital commission, I will need:

  1. Your email address, so that we can communicate! If you’re purchasing a commission outside of my Etsy, this also means pricing, as well as passing back and forth sketches, references, and nailing down all the details to get your piece exactly the way you want it!

2. Any references or resources I’ll need for the project and discuss what you want from the piece before pricing. For pet portraits, this might mean multiple shots of your pet, from different angles, as well as some pose suggestions you’re thinking of. For DnD portraits, this stage is especially vital, and I’ll need as much as you can send me! Detailed descriptions, sketches, any imagery, mood boards, or anything at all will be vitally helpful!

3. After payment, I will begin by sending you a rough sketch for you to inspect. Once you’re happy with the layout and color scheme, I’ll finish the piece and send it over as a PNG of 2500 x 2500 pixels to your email. If you need a different size or format, please let me know before I begin and I can try and make it happen!

Payment is required before I begin the piece. For larger pieces (over 200 USD), I accept half in advance and the rest upon completion. I am only doing digital commissions for the time being.

Let’s make something beautiful together : )