Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, you name it. I live to write. In this little spot of my website, I’ll collect some cool stuff for you to read, maybe introduce you to some of the characters from my novels. I’m still working on getting my books out in a way that pleases me, but when I do, you’ll be the first to know.

Please feel free to peruse the links in this section!

I will be adding Blog posts about living in an rv, dogs, mental health, LGBTQ+ content, and anything else that pleases me. Under Creative Writing, I’ll put short stories, bits of Creative Non-Fiction, and things about my novels. In my newest section, Poetry, I’ll be posting the weekly poem project I’m doing with my mom and sister. I’m in the process of adding a Tarot section, and I’ll be writing about the cards, the process of creating decks, et cetera, as well as information for my ~new~ projects, so keep an eye out!