I’m a freelance artist and writer, and I dabble in everything my grubby little hands can reach–digital art, acrylic, and watercolor painting, ink and pencil drawing, sculpting, woodcutting… I can go on.

I also write! My dream is to become a novelist, but I also write poetry and short pieces of fiction and creative nonfiction. My favorite genres to write are Fantasy, Magical Realism, creative memoir, and anything that can be considered an unholy hybrid of poetry and prose.

This is where I live! I bought an RV in Seattle in the beginning of 2020, and spent my quarantine remodeling the inside. I haven’t been on too many adventures yet, considering the state of the world, but it allows me to stay close to my loved ones, who, as time goes on, grow up and scatter to the four winds. I’m only a few days away from them

These are my dogs! If you keep up with me for any amount of time, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with them, and with dogs in general.

Lobo is a senior retired racing greyhound from West Memphis. He’s nine this year, and loves to hold balls of yarn in his mouth.

Lilith is two this year, and I found her at a local animal shelter in my college town in Arkansas. She’s probably a greyhound mix, and the older she gets, the more pitty she looks! I’m dying to get her tested to see what she’s made up of! She’s got a ton of anxiety, but we’re working on it every day. She loves empty toilet paper rolls.

My general vibe is to do my best to live a life that I’m happy with, and it’s taken me a long time to find and build the path that takes me there.

Every morning I get to wake up and create art for you. I get to take on projects like my Spark and Pen Tarot Deck, because people see my art and like it. I didn’t know I could feel such gratitude for strangers.

Because of you, the things I love have become the things I get to do every day–learning new things, trying new crafts. Using my hands in ways I’d never thought I would. Contributing along with all of the other creators scattered across the world to create beauty, empathy, hope, and safe places to rest for those who need it. Thank you.

If you’ve read this far and want a tip on how to navigate my site, you’ll find a nice bar of categories with drop down menus under each of them. Click on the tab for an overview, and the dropdown for more specific stuff!

Check out my Etsy store for basic commission pricing, stickers, and of course my decks! I’m forever working on new things for you, so keep an eye out! (I’ve just begun the baby phases of planning an oracle deck from scratch, and I’m so stoked about it!)

Under Commissions, you’ll find some recent examples of pieces I’ve loved making to give you some inspiration, but if you have another idea, please feel free to contact me! I’m always down to try stuff out of my usual range : )

Welcome to my nook of the internet. Thank you for visiting me.